Effective Altruism

I am interested in questions that focus on impartially improving welfare. I am increasingly focused on research that is important, neglected, and tractable, with a long-term view of the future.


INSPIRE is about knowledge translation for university teaching. How do we take the best evidence on what works for teaching and learning so we can apply it in practice?

Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews are the core of evidence-informed decision-making. I’ve developed expertise in all parts of conducting a range of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and meta-reviews (a.k.a., overviews of reviews).

Knowledge Translation

I think there’s so much wisdom trapped in universities. Often, getting that knowledge out into practice can save lives.

Online Learning and Multimedia

Multimedia is the lingua franca of modern education. I’ve published meta-analyses showing it’s a great way of teaching, especially at scale. I’ve also published articles in the SJR #1 Education journal on how to use multimedia well. Most of my knowledge translations projects have heavily leveraged multimedia as part of a dynamic online learning environment. I have ‘full-stack’ online learning design skills from producing multimedia, designing systems for online skill development and feedback, to project management.

Teaching and Speaking

Knowledge, like happiness, is best when shared. I love teaching both inside and outside universities. I am a confident presenter and an awarded educator.

PhD Thesis

My thesis looked at the effects of mindfulness in sport and performance settings.